Past Grand Knights

2013-2014 - Jim Rocci

Being the Grand Knight was truly an honor.  It was my privilege to lead the council and serve St Brigid of Kildare through the 2013-2014 fraternal year andI could not have done it without the legacy of the Grand Knights who went before me.

2012-2013 - Graham Guthrie

I took great pride in and really enjoyed leading our Council through the 2012-2013 fraternal year.

2011-2012 - Dan O'Connor

It was an honor to serve as Grand Knight. The strong foundations from Greg Arndt's past leadership and with Graham Guthrie's help we had a fun and exciting year. The highlight was the 25th Anniversary of St.

2010-2011 - Greg Arndt

During my tenure, I focused on advancing the strength of the Fraternity between Brother Knights. We had endured two significant losses of Brother Knights the previous year.