Every council should be involved in giving back and making a difference in its community. Councils should build up our communities and bring hope to a world that is often immersed in negativism. Knights of Columbus are called to share our talents, support each other in unity and use our God-given talents to better our communities. Our communities need to prosper through our actions while keeping the true Christian mission alive.

 Community activities include:

  • Measure Up for Handicapped Children - Work a shift at a local traffic intersection to collect spare change for disabled children.
  • Adopt-A-Highway - Work with fellow Knights to clean up the litter at the 270/33 interchange.
  • Knights Kairos Team - Work as a weekend volunteer for those in prison being an example of the light of Christ.
  • People in Need - Assist in collecting food and supplies for the Delaware County People in Need program.
  • Cemetery Flags for Vets - Place flags on the gravestones in the City of Dublin Cemetery to honor vets on Patriot Day.