Culture of Life

Although the Culture of Life spectrum is wide indeed, there are a great number of attacks on human life across its spectrum from conception to natural death including abortion, human cloning, assisted suicide, euthanasia, etc. This program centers on the most fundamental right of all: the right to be born and welcomed into the world.

Culture of Life activities include:

  • March for Life - Attend a March for Life event on a local, state, or national level.
  • Respect Life Month - Assist the designated organizer to help plan and coordinate an event during the month of October focused on the respect for life. Event is to include fellow council members and the parish.
  • Pray Rosary for Life - Be willing to occasionally be called upon to pray the rosary in front of an abortion clinic (Founder's Women's Health Care).
  • Culture of Life Essay - Assist the Culture of Life Chair in organizing a youth pro-life essay contest during January and in judging essays received from the children.
  • 40 Days for Life - Work with the event organizer to schedule one day during the 40 Days for Li fe campaign to pray the rosary in front of an abortion clinic. Fellow council members and families are encouraged to attend.