The membership team recruits Catholic gentlemen to our Order to give them the opportunity to participate in organized works of Charity. Recruiting men to be United in the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. Attracting new members adds to the feeling of Fraternity of men who share a common cause, making our world a better place.

Membership activities Include:

  • Recruitment - Work with the Membership Chair as needed to encourage and coordinate membership activities.
  • Tapestry Weekend - Attend the event and represent the Knights of Columbus to encourage membership.
  • Support at 1st Degree Ceremony - Attend the ceremony and congratulate new fellow Knights.
  • Support at 2nd/3rd Degree Ceremony - Attend the ceremony and congratulate Knights obtaining their 2nd/3rd Degree. 
  • Bowl Game Party - Work with the designated organizer to help plan and coordinate the event.