As Knights of Columbus, our responsibilities include providing today’s youth with opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of today. The Youth program can help form young people into becoming influential citizens of tomorrow. These programs can play a big role in preparing young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a well-planned series of activities and experiences that help them gain social, emotional, ethical, physical, and mental skills. The Youth program is designed to involve our youth in a series of rewarding activities. As Knights, we can assist in their development by actively participating in this process and providing them with opportunities to learn how to act in the world around them, and to enjoy participating in our programs.

Youth activities Include:

  • Youth Free Throw Contest - Aid in keeping score for the children shooting free throws at this evening event.
  • Youth Substance Abuse Poster Contest - Assist the Youth Chair in judging posters received from the children regarding substance abuse avoidance.
  • Urban Ministry Vine Drivers - Parish teenagers go downtown to feed and give supplies to the poor in the community. Drivers are needed for this evening event.
  • Senior Appreciation Brunch - Similar to a pancake breakfast this brunch event is to congratulate the parish's high school seniors on their graduation.